d50 Media Inc.: Acquisition Marketing Done Right

Jay Haverty, President & CEO, d50 Media IncJay Haverty, President & CEO
Capitalizing on the capabilities of search engines allows for businesses to reap the benefits of escalated traffic and visibility. However, the term SEO entails for enterprise owners the temptation of a quick-fix, the understanding of SERPs (Search Engine Results Page), and pacing the importance of organic search results enlist some of the issues to be tackled by companies around the globe every day. Having gauged the confusion surrounding the contemporary SEO scenario, Jay Haverty, current CEO of d50 Media Inc. decided to implement business model solutions to adapt the best practices from one industry or vertical to another. Deriving from the enigmatic mantra “you don’t have to cast a wider net, if you know where the fishes are”, the enterprise strives to decode audience behavior and transform them into profitable actions for its clients.

With heightened emphasis on mobility and go-anywhere connectivity, audiences today sift through screens at the rate of knots making the SEO landscape more dynamic than ever. Therefore, understanding customer behavior through technology, data, and creativity helps drive digital ecosystems to be as dynamic as their intended audience. “We combine the best in search, display, content, social-media, development, and performance-optimization to find the optimum balance that unlocks new opportunities by efficiently getting a business in front of the right consumers,” states Haverty. “We measure, refine, and optimize until we achieve the best customer insights to harvest maximum ROI.”

One of the biggest sated clients of the company include Sokolove Law, a national leader that helps 470 independent law-firms connect and aid people in all 50 states to get the legal support they need. Their solution required utilization of every possible channel to find, educate, and quickly help the victims and that posed unique and costly online marketing challenges. “Our hyper-efficient media plan resulted in a 37 percent increase in signed clients, while decreasing cost per acquisition by 20 percent for Sokolove Law,” informs Haverty.

We measure, refine, and optimize until we achieve the best customer insights to harvest maximum ROI

“Deploying new search terms and metrics immediately drove down cost per qualified lead by 45 percent and resulted in a 300 percent increase in inbound links in just six months.”

The company propels a transparent approach to SEO by maximizing the relevancy of a business’s online presence and ensuring that the brand is perceived as credible. Augmenting the usage of dynamic, intuitive, and customizable advanced analytics unearths critical insights about end-users and ensures value-for-money. Merging a hands-on management and a consultative approach to affiliate marketing, they vet affiliate partners to drive compliance and fair practices. Maneuvering highly targeted data from America’s top list compilers helps the company’s direct mail services focus on customer acquisition, activation, and response. They also monitor and measure user engagement and behaviors to meet the swiftly changing trends across all social channels. “d50 Media helps clients win in “Acquisition” and “Activation” marketing by leveraging both traditional and digital media, including mobile platforms, to find target customers more efficiently,” explains Haverty. “Our no-silos approach uncovers the patterns and connects the dots across all channels.” Other facets of their integrated solution include robust email-marketing and one of the most powerful Paid Search and Display campaigns to amplify a business’s PPC performance. Furthermore, they provide dedicated teams of Direct Response TV (DRTV) experts in concert with their creative PR consulting as well as mobile-first technology enablement services to deliver creative solutions that drive customer engagement and deliver continued ROI.