eBrandz: New Age Solutions for Robust SEO

Sameer Sama, CMO, eBrandzSameer Sama, CMO
The advent of internet-based advertising and digital platforms has transformed businesses to take measures and use tools that help them thwart competition and ensure long-term success. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays the key role in drawing the customer’s attention and augmenting business growth on a digital medium. However, many companies face challenges related to SEO—coping with frequent Google updates, centralized reporting and white labeling, and also retaining customers. eBrandz is a global search engine marketing company that helps to address these impediments.

The firm offers a nexus of services for SEO and one of its core solutions— dashboard helps its users (most importantly agencies) to get a birds-eye view of what’s happening with their campaigns. You can track project activities, local visibility, business reviews, social media activities, received calls and also get important leads that are vital for business growth. “Our dashboard also encompasses excellent and uninterrupted customer support and other functionalities,” says Sameer Sama, CMO, eBrandz. It also helps track progress of the customers’ SEO, Social and Paid campaigns. This latest feature enables them to track Google organic rankings for their websites right within the dashboard and keep a tab of their mobile as well as desktop rankings in one convenient place. Additionally, eBrandz’s services include tracking of non-client website URLs such as Yelp listings for the clients’ business.

On-page optimization, another unique service of eBrandz helps companies to focus on SEO friendly content alongside managing other aspects like page titles, descriptions, landing pages and rich snippets such as schema markup. In order to assist enterprises with search engine ranking, eBrandz performs thorough backlink analysis and provides reasonable suggestions. In fact they’ve created their own intellectual properties which help in getting more relevant SEO-friendly backlinks. Additionally, the firm’s conversion tracking service provides a 60 point conversion optimization report which highlights fixes from the usability perspective.

Many agencies utilize our dashboard for its excellent and uninterrupted customer support and other functionalities

“We have also added heat maps, scroll maps, overlay, and confetti reports that display specific sections of the client’s home page that are mostly liked by the website visitors,” adds Sama. Furthermore, eBrandz’s Local Search Website optimization creates listings on top local search engines, directories, review sites, and other citation sites. The firm’s social media activity includes setting up profiles on top social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to keep them updated with relevant posts and updates.

Many clients and agencies have been benefited immensely by implementing eBrandz’s efficient services. CCAvenue, one of online payment gateways providing turnkey e-Commerce solutions, was seeking to identify an appropriate method to change their website and ameliorate business. Being a credit card processing company with strict security practices, the customer does not give access to any external company or entity to its website or servers. This made it difficult to study their search engine crawling frequency as well as measure top performing keywords. CCAvenue by joining hands with eBrandz implemented their special content management system that allowed access to the website source code and maintenance for website raw logs. By processing this information, the client gained crucial insights into progress of their search engine optimization program that increased everyday signups in the website.

Forging forward, eBrandz is planning launch developments in mobile Apps, Android and iOS - compatible solutions that would aid customers to check their progress in real time. “We are excited to release live chat and CRM solutions that are still in the pipeline,” beams Sama.