LocalVox: Local Online Marketing Solutions to Drive More Leads

Jim Continenza, Chairman & CEO, LocalVoxJim Continenza, Chairman & CEO
In the local business space, customer interactions happen as much online as they do offline. With nearly half of the in-store purchases now influenced online, there are many big open questions regarding brand, experience and consumer engagement. Business owners of every size are paralyzed with the complexity of localizing content and embracing local opportunities at scale. While large brands are facing an uphill task to localize content, small single location businesses strive hard to get to front-page search rankings. LocalVox addresses these issues with an online marketing platform that focuses on publishing content to every local touch point and monitors all the customers’ key directory and social profiles for local, single location and multi-location chains and franchises. “Our platform places the business in front of local consumers everywhere online–social media, search engines, directories, email lists, local publishers, mobile and more–all with the click of a button,” remarks Trevor Sumner, Chief Technology Officer, LocalVox.

LocalVox’s effective local marketing platform helps customers keep up with a complex and diverse world of channels, sites and methods. “Content, decentralization and reputation are the trends to look at and we are distributing local content to local publishers,” informs Sumner. The platform helps create news, deals and events with its easy-to-use content wizard and easily publish the content on multiple channels to reach potential customers.

“We do competitive analysis to look carefully at what opportunities drive success for each client and what keywords matter and are competitive,” explains Sumner about LocalVox core strengths. The platform optimizes the customers’ website with a SEO strategy that includes publishing rich, long format and highly optimized content including local schema and keyword optimized images and text, building links to it throughout the web and using social optimization to create engagement and social signals that helps improve search engine rankings.

The key for local businesses is to distribute local content to local publishers, which is a fundamental capability of the LocalVox platform

“We take an aggressive SEO approach, but all white hat steps, in our practice,” says Sumner.

With tens of thousands of local clients alongside the broadest local marketing platform on the market, LocalVox is at the epicenter of emerging digital trends. As a leader in the space for the past 5 years, the LocalVox platform continues to evolve to meet the market changes and respond to customer’s needs. A lot of success stories have emerged over the years, but the one that stands out is EXIT Realty’s Upper Midwest. The company sought help from the LocalVox platform to drive more leads via mobile, social media, content syndication, search, reviews and email marketing. “The LocalVox Boost product was put to use, resulting in EXIT Realty’s increase in Google rankings. In addition they reached 70,434 customers and received 4,551 reads from 125 local posts, plus we corrected, claimed and optimized 412 directories all via the LocalVox platform,” beams Sumner.

Exciting times lie ahead in the SEO space as there are massive shifts in mobile usage, decentralization beyond Google in search and social reputation driven consumer engagement. The LocalVox platform will continue to be enhanced to drive more value and provide simpler tools, such as mobile-optimized tools, to aid customers. “In the near future, I see LocalVox as being the industry leader across various spectrums like social media, local SEO, mobile, websites and advertising,” says Sumner. Combining a broad range of toolsets under one platform where the customer can pick and choose what they need, including the level of service, is the underlying theme of the LocalVox platform.