Sales & Marketing Technologies: Enhancing Website Visibility with Best-of-breed SEO Solutions

Dave Larson, CEO, Sales & Marketing TechnologiesDave Larson, CEO
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the one of the most cost effective digital marketing methods and yet one of the most challenging to get right. With multitudes of new URLs being registered every day, Search engines index millions of pages into their databases and they need to determine the most relevant page for a particular keyword search term. If a website is not optimized for these unique search engine algorithms, it could be listed so far back that customers will never reach the website. Whether the goal is to gather leads or actual online sales, a partner who understands this ever-changing environment is critical to business’ success, and this is where Sales & Marketing Technologies (SMT) steps in. The Altamonte Springs, FL based company helps build a strong SEO strategy with mix of on-site optimization, planning and execution of an effective content marketing strategy, as well as development of authority in a given business niche. “Having been in business for over two decades, we pride ourselves in being one of the first Orlando SEO companies. Most of our SEO clients have been with us for many years due to the ongoing online marketing success of their businesses’ websites,” extols Dave Larson, CEO, SMT.

SMT starts with gaining an understanding of client’s businesses to the level that it can spot hidden opportunities to drive traffic. The company does a thorough research on the client’s website and types of market searches that are targeted towards type of business the client operates in. The firm then implements SEO that ensure targeted keywords and markets are being reached by following best practices in regards to content, structure and ensuring that the site has a good overall authority on the web.

We have learned to always be on the lookout for what is coming next

“We only practice white hat SEO methodologies. If need be, we also develop unique content for the client ensuring the integrity of the website in the eyes of the search engines,” remarks Larson. Finally, SMT does Analysis and Tracking to make sure the clients are doing well over time and also offers reports so that the client knows the real-time SEO performance and respond to changes in the environment. The other primary services offered by SMT besides SEO includes Internet marketing, local search marketing, pay per click solutions, blogging directory submissions, content development and marketing.

In one instance, SMT assisted a client in the education field to build a new website to obtain top organic positions for organic search. The firm built out the website in compliance with best practices while implementing strategic SEO keyword targeting throughout the website. “After about three months, we noticed the client was moving up the page rankings. For the next six months, we continued to do on-page optimization, off-page optimization, and content creation,” says Larson. After the six month period, the client has moved into top three positions in Google and Yahoo organic searches. “After a year’s time, while maintaining our SEO services, we were able to get the client up to top position both in organic and local search results.”

As the company’s name suggests, it deals with both marketing and sales—from traffic generation to lead conversion to closed sale. On the road ahead, Larson comments, “Digital Marketing is always changing. So we are always changing. We have learned to always be on the lookout for what is coming next.” “One of the products that we have been quietly working on is the SMT ConversionSite. It is a website development answer to people who are unhappy with WordPress websites. A ConversionSite can make running a company website easier and more manageable,” concludes Larson.