SearchDex: Defining the Art of 'Meaningful Search'

CIO VendorDave Chaplin, CEO It was not a typical Monday morning for the marketing team at a major online retailer. With over 25,000 different products (SKUs) to optimize, and a Content Management System (CMS) that made managing, tracking, updating and implementing SEO-friendly changes difficult, the day was extremely debilitating for the retailer. With additions and removals of hundreds of products that churn on weekly basis, the marketing team had two choices: Either accept that their inability to effectively implement SEO-friendly changes would result in lost opportunity costs and poor performance of their products in organic search results, or apply an effective external SEO solution instantly. This is where SearchDex, a company comprised of digital marketing technology and service experts, performed its magic. Immediately jumping into action to address the retailer’s needs, SearchDex seamlessly integrated its automated SEO platform–Altruik - with the retailer’s CMS, complemented by SearchDex’s SEO experts staffed on the project having the ability to optimize their category and product pages. The results were nothing short of amazing. Altruik helped the search engines crawl, index and rank the retailer's product pages for relevant, intent-based queries. As a direct result of using Altruik, the client gained 7.5 million new visitors through natural search, saw a 260 percent increase in the number of indexed product pages, and improved to a 3.6 average search result rank compared to its prior rank of 121.

SearchDex’s inventive and proprietary approach removes the hindrances that get in the way of connecting consumers and businesses by optimizing category and product pages for improved search engine results, eliminating technology resource constraints and antiquated web infrastructure and fortifying insufficient SEO bandwidth.

“We believe that every search should produce a meaningful outcome,” says David Chaplin, CEO of SearchDex. For marketers, however, achieving an ‘ongoing interaction between people and technology’ to provide meaningful results in an ever changing SEO environment is difficult. With a proprietary technology solution and a determined and agile team of experts, SearchDex helps marketers achieve these results by providing an outsourced solution to managing SEO initiatives that cannot be achieved by internal IT staffs. Moreover, SearchDex enables this transformation with little or no involvement of their clients’ IT support on an ongoing basis.

SearchDex begins by moving the SEO to a platform that sits outside of a client’s eCommerce platform and CMS. With this platform, “SEO initiatives are no longer totally dependent on the retailer’s IT support. This is critical since it removes the internal ROI battles that marketing needs to win in order to get SEO initiatives implemented on their eCommerce platform,” says Chaplin. “This makes the online marketer more valuable to their organization as they gain control and relevance through performing actual marketing activities,” he adds.
A Real-Time Transformation

The key element in SEO is to present a page to search engines in an expected way. Adhering to this, SearchDex uses Altruik to transform a retailer’s native eCommerce web pages to ensure proper presentation to the search engines. This proprietary technology encompasses SEO automation via a patent pending transformation engine that allows for custom landing page creation and content injections. The end result is elimination of the burden of manual processes and enabling the transformation of thousands of product and category pages to deliver instant ROI.

We believe that every search should produce a meaningful outcome

SearchDex’s expertise with SEO technology has taken their customers beyond simply integrating all primary SEO elements in a managed solution, to implementing innovative ways of solving website issues. These include compliancy guidelines, internal search optimization and mobile templating. “The essence here is that SearchDex, through its Altruik solution, does a real time transformation of the pages, changing the necessary elements or adding additional ones with constant expert oversight,” says Chaplin.

Grouping pages together ‘by type’ with Altruik systems allows all pages within that group to be cascaded, effortlessly dealing with problems created by the addition of new pages or overall product churn. For instance, after completing the best-practice focused tasks for holistic organic optimization, one might realize that there is more to do because of a new search algorithm update or a requirement that has been issued by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). SearchDex has the appropriate mix of people and technology to decipher complex hindrances like these. Altruik optimizes one or many elements on all pages within a defined page-type in one update. This streamlines the development, management, and maintenance of an entire SEO program—permitting the internal expertise to be more productive, rather than buried in the minutiae. “This also enables large scale SEO compliance on all category and product pages,” Chaplin affirms.

A Custom-Tailored Solution

For SearchDex, each customer is different and the company custom-tailors specific programs to the individual client needs. As a baseline, the firm’s experts identify the problem areas on a website starting with low-hanging fruit. These elements are considered as “phase I” in the overall optimization process, whereas routinely monitoring progress helps in considering what is important for “phase II”. This methodology has instantly created new revenue streams for many of their clients.

"The key element in SEO is to present a page in a way expected by the search engines"

In one instance, SearchDex assisted an apparel company that was seeking greater traffic and sales from a broader mix of non-branded and branded search terms. The customer was in need of a partner who could provide them with an optimal Organic Search Marketing strategy and quick implementation of many thousands of necessary product page optimizations. Enabling rapid development of technical solutions, Altruik’s automated technology integrated seamlessly with the client’s native site in less than ten days. Altruik enabled the apparel retailer to enjoy the benefits of having every single category and product page optimized for organic search on an ongoing basis. The result was a 45 percent increase in year-over-year sales from organic search and a 37 percent rise in impressions through a proprietary key word targeting campaign. These results are consistent with what Chaplin assures, “Our customers receive accelerated ROI and a more relevant online experience within a short span of time.”

Strive to Steer and Guide

Empowering people to look beyond solutions and experiment with new tactics, SearchDex is further refining its Altruik technology to move the platform from a data-center solution to a cloud-based solution. This not only opens up features that were previously infeasible, but also dramatically increases uptime, reliability, resiliency, and global footprint. With site-wide transformations that would return the best bang-of-the-buck, SearchDex plans to develop a marketing-centric CMS as well as monitoring and reporting, specifically targeted towards advertising and channel performance.

By creating a great impact through implementing SEO programs designed by experts and delivered via the firm’s technology, Chaplin believes that online marketing is on the cusp of a revolution, where one no longer looks at marketing initiatives per channel. SearchDex's real focus revolves around providing a layered, bullet proof approach to shortening the implementation and feedback cycle of online marketing initiatives for customers. “A site is not just about the URLs anchored under a brand’s domain. It is the content delivered through Google searches, social pages, aggregate services and review sites. We need a comprehensive method of attracting new visitors and maintaining those relationships over time without relying exclusively on their presence on the site,” he estimates. For this emerging meta-site marketing paradigm, SearchDex is committed to innovating, developing, and offering futuristic solutions, in a cost-effective way that will foster more relevant online experiences.
- Aishwarya Kannan
    February 11, 2016