Youtech & Associates: Driving Online Presence via Creative Content

Michael Norris, Director of Content, Youtech & AssociatesMichael Norris, Director of Content
Lit up by mobile devices, intuitive software, immersive websites, and growing consumer expectations, digital marketing and, in particular, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), have always been in a state of flux. It is clear that vendors who are creative in their marketing approach and have the ability to bring fresh and relevant content across mobile, tablets, and desktops to the end user will help businesses to stay a cut above the rest. “Youtech relies on creating quality content by carefully analyzing the interests of its client’s audience and their search patterns,” begins Michael Norris, Director of Content, Youtech & Associates. “Our analytics capabilities in understanding end users are second to none.”

Youtech either builds websites for its clients or assesses the quality of the client’s existing website capabilities. Next, Youtech builds content through blogs, slideshares, ebooks, whitepapers, or other channels.

Norris says, “We create valuable content for our audience.” Over the years, Youtech has perfected the art of addressing client’s challenges by implementing an effective content development strategy. This helps clients better convert the users visiting their website into customers. “It’s about tailoring strategies to grab the attention of the new audience that sets us apart in the overcrowded SEO space.” Norris feels proud about the fact that their focus is on people; search engines come second.

Youtech’s approach to delivering relevant content includes videos and graphics that it uses to reach out to more people. Meanwhile, the company thoroughly addresses the broken links within the website to avoid losing out on backlinks that has the potential to generate more traffic. In the journey, Youtech also leverages Yelp, Google My Business, and other directories to ensure the information is consistent and accurate—thus driving the chances of generating positive reviews about the business.

Our creativity is what keeps us innovative and pushes us toward excellence

Norris says, “We don’t do fake reviews and avoid black hat tactics. We just focus on effective strategies that are going to last over time.”

Youtech’s SEO service delivers accurate information to clients about their web performance quickly. On a monthly basis, it delivers reports pertinent to the number of conversations received, number of calls that were converted to sales, and the performance of specific keywords. The ability to categorize the incoming traffic based on the sales generated through online interaction helps a great deal in tailoring business strategy.

To substantiate their efficacy in bolstering the online presence of a business, Norris says, “We started UrbanMatter Chicago as part of our online marketing strategy for a client.” Youtech then created content every day regarding the events, entertainment and news around the City of Chicago, and allowed the visitors to interact through these events and news which grabbed the attention of many in this particular area. Today, the site receives 350,000 hits per month and has garnered over 30,000 followers on Facebook while numbers look promising on Twitter and Instagram. “Further, we have just developed a mobile app for UrbanMatter Chicago and are excited about its growth,” adds Norris.

Being at the helm of digital marketing at Youtech, Norris believes in building synergy across SEO, marketing, social media, and content creation to deliver a seamless experience to end users while driving business results. With a team of skilled software developers who are bullish about streamlining technologies such as analytics, CRM and websites, Youtech looks gleefully into 2017 to expand into new locations and improve the digital presence of many more companies. “Our creativity is what keeps us innovative and pushes us toward excellence,” concludes Norris.