Boostability: Affordable and Effective SEO Solutions for SMBs

Kelly Shelton, VP Marketing, BoostabilityKelly Shelton, VP Marketing
Today, with the large volume of real-time data generation, Google frequently provides algorithm updates, search index changes, and refreshes. These frequent algorithm updates alter the SEO environment, making it a major challenge for SEO firms and their clients. Lehi, UT–based Boostability implements SEO tactics and monitors them across their customer base to improve clients’ rankings. “We have the data that helps us to manage the myriad of modifications done by Google, so we assist our clients in achieving high rankings,” begins Kelly Shelton, VP of Marketing at Boostability.

Boostability has advanced over the years from providing systematic instructions to organizations for managing their own SEO campaigns in the form of a do-it-yourself model to delivering expert assistance with a direct full-service model. “Our services ensure transparency, scalability, reporting, and affordability—all things that small businesses need,” says Shelton. The company does all work in-house using its proprietary LaunchPad technology. LaunchPad is a complete end-to-end search engine marketing solution software. The customers benefit from LaunchPad’s highly functional ROI reporting and analysis, white label reporting option, and easy API integration. “Our solution works on the cloud, so there is no software to install or hardware upgrades needed,” asserts Shelton. LaunchPad offers visibility that enables organizations to monitor their workflow processes both internally and externally. They are able to manage their SEO campaigns and login to observe performance.

Boostability has designed BoostSEO to help small businesses on diminutive budgets. BoostSEO includes on-site optimization and manages clients’ website content to ensure its SEO friendly and user friendly. “We are able to raise our customers to the first page of Google within six months, using the balanced approach and effective tactics,” adds Shelton.

Our services ensure transparency, scalability, reporting, and affordability—all things that small businesses need

Boostability also provides customers with website designing and management services. Furthermore, the company offers social media solutions and services, which include creating pages and posts on networking sites for customers. “Social media and website solutions really complement and bundle up well with our SEO services,” expresses Shelton.

Boostability constantly works on enhancing its products and services. The company is improving its already impressive LaunchPad technology, thus allowing their team to produce high-quality results at an affordable price. Boostability also endeavors to develop its LaunchPad technology to make it compatible with mobile devices. “Mobile search is growing, so we invested time and money on this technology and on understanding what services and techniques can assist businesses to rank high on mobile devices,” adds Shelton. The company also educates its clients about SEO and the ways it can make websites perform better, with the aid of blogs, researched articles, videos, and webinars.

The company has made a mark by capitalizing on its core strengths—which include being highly affordable—and specializing in serving SMBs. Boostability is highly scalable and can handle thousands of customers and provide them with quality service consistently. “We are very transparent in our activities, we report the work we do and the progress our customers are making with their SEO program,” cites Shelton.

Boostability, down the road, plans to expand their global footprint and develop their products and solutions. “We are also looking forward to continuing to partner with companies around the globe that are looking to offer quality online marketing services to their clients,” concludes Shelton.