Boostability: Enhancing Online Visibility of Small Businesses

Kelly Shelton, VP of Marketing, BoostabilityKelly Shelton, VP of Marketing
In the online world, Google frequently provides algorithm updates, search index changes, and refreshes in conjunction with an avalanche of real-time data generation. These frequent algorithm updates alter the search engine optimization (SEO) environment, making it a major challenge for SEO firms and their clients. To thrive and survive in the competitive landscape, companies are vying to stay on the first page of search engines and garner visibility with successful marketing strategies. On the frontline, many SEO companies shy away from offering marketing strategies to small businesses as they find it difficult to offer effective services for the budgets that small businesses can afford. Founded in the fall of 2009, Boostability fills this void by creating affordable and effective SEO services for the small business marketplace without compromising on quality. Boostability proves its mettle in implementing SEO tactics and monitors the results across their customer base to improve client’s rankings across search engines.

“We enable small businesses to focus on their business while we grow their online presence through our phenomenal platform—LaunchPad,” states Kelly Shelton, VP of Marketing at Boostability. Originally started as a DIY-SEO platform for small businesses, Boostability has transformed itself as a full-service SEO specialist, realizing the fact that small businesses do not have the time or expertise to perform their own SEO. The company takes an assembly line approach to SEO, where they have experts to work on specific SEO tasks, ensuring a high level of quality and personalization for each area of expertise that is not found when outsourcing marketing services to contractors or agencies.

Built by SEO experts, Boostability’s LaunchPad ensures transparency and automates repetitive tasks and manages all SEO activities in a single application. “With the use of our internal database, we have instant in-house results that tell us when search engines—like Google or Bing—have made even the slightest changes to their search algorithms,” adds Shelton.
This end-to-end search engine marketing software brushes aside the traditional guesswork strategies and helps obtain a real-time reporting on the number of tasks performed, remaining tasks, ranking status, and view important statistics. As a success factor of their technology, Boostability presently has over 26,000 active clients.

We optimize our client’s website content and code for keyword search terms that are the most relevant to their business and products, and that will produce the best results

BoostSEO, the firm’s SEO product, follows a step-by-step method for managing clients’ website content to ensure it is SEO friendly and user friendly. Through their six-step process, BoostSEO helps in keyword research, optimizing keywords, maintaining top rankings, monitoring the progress of the website, adding content and earning trust and authority. “We optimize our client’s website content and code for keyword search terms that are the most relevant to their business and products, and that will produce the best results,” highlights Shelton. As a white-label fulfillment provider of SEO, Boostability also does off-site optimization of building links, which is primarily promoting the client’s content, their services throughout the web and making sure their business is listed in all the relevant directories and profiles. Furthermore, the company offers social media solutions and services, which include creating pages and posts on social media networks for customers.

Shelton cites an instance when a company, which had no online presence, approached Boostability for improving their website ranking. After performing a quick analysis, Boostability selected the keywords that would showcase them in the best possible way. With Boostability, the client was able to increase the traffic to their site, and be ranked on the first page of Google which further enhanced the growth of their business.

For the road ahead, Boostability will continue to expand their social media management services to increase their clients’ visibility and engagement across multiple platforms. Having recently expanded to Europe notably in Germany, Boostability’s focus point is to further enhance their presence Europe and the North American market.