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Matthew Palis, Owner & CEO, Infront WebworksMatthew Palis, Owner & CEO Investing time and money to build a great website can be the first step to generating leads for your business, but it certainly is not the last. The website is nothing but a money pit if it doesn't generate a steady stream of qualified traffic for the company. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by organically bringing the site to the top of search results through search engine optimization (SEO). It is one of the most effective ways for a company to achieve a strong digital presence and drive business. However, it is not that simple.

"We strategize, implement, analyze, and report the performance of websites continuously to generate results"

The SEO process involves many moving parts—including keyword targeting, on-site optimization, offsite content and link-building—some of which require strong technical experience. Depending on how competitive a website's niche is, SEO strategies demand content analysis and development, along with site and page technicalities pertaining to programmatic components and search crawlers. Although many existing sites (and site builders for that matter) claim to be loaded with templates that are pre-optimized for SEO, such out-of-the-box methods are often not effective and don’t account for competitor listings on the search results page (SERP). SEO involves continual readjusting and "troubleshooting," and that's where the role of an SEO agency comes in.

In a crowded SEO market place, how can a company identify an agency that can fulfil their vision? While a good SEO firm can improve the website's rankings to bring in more traffic and potential customers, bad SEO practices can work the opposite way, causing a drop in ranking, and considerable damages to the bottom line. "SEO is an approach, and there are many ways to achieve it. We leverage our, 20+ years in business and a team with over 130 years collective SEO experience to help clients establish new ways to drive web traffic and attract customers," says Michael Hodgdon, COO of Infront Webworks, an award-winning SEO company and trusted Google partner.

"Our strategy is simple. We make sure the right customer at the right time finds your business quickly – when and where they need you," states Hodgdon. The company delivers cost-effective solutions for generating new leads, boosting online traffic, increasing sales and improving search engine rankings for keywords. Infront Webworks has won many Awards for their SEO work including two of the most prestigious awards, The Landy Award (Search Engine Lands SEO Awards), and the US Search Award. They are further certified by many local and global award-winning digital organizations along with being A+ rated with the BBB, LSA Certified, and a Google Certified Partner.

Implementing an ROI Based SEO Strategy

Infront Webworks offers services including website development, SEO, and Google ad management. What makes them different from other players in the market is their strategy of utilizing the “quickest path to Return on investment (ROI)”."We strategize, implement, analyze, and report the performance of websites placement and progress continuously to generate consistent monthly results," comments Hodgdon.

We work together with the client's to create a powerful online presence and top spot in search results that will significantly contribute to the success of the organization

“SEO opportunities are identified and prioritized in the strategy phase at the beginning of the month, we implement the steps needed to achieve the best rankings the quickest (the lowest lying fruit) throughout the month, prior to the monthly meeting we analyze the results of the work performed, set the strategy for the following month and then report the results to the client. The process allows us to achieve aggressive results for the client much quicker than a chronological approach to SEO.”

Infront Webworks' SEO programs are based on hours-per-month, and the number of pages optimized. There are no limits on the services related to SEO they will provide or the keywords they optimize for, because the programs utilize the monthly hours to provide the services that will provide the client the quickest return on investment.

Improving Client Growth Through monitoring KPIs

When a company approaches Infront Webworks with a unique set of challenges, the firm first carries out a preliminary audit at an internal team meeting where they define the specifications of the website and its current search placement. The meeting gives the SEO team a solid understanding of the client's requirements, its target market, competitive landscape and other critical statistics on the performance of the website. Soon after, the company presents a proposal to the client based on the initial assessments.

Upon hiring Infront Webworks for the SEO project they assign a dedicated SEO specialist to each client, who acts as the primary contact person and manages all strategies associated with the project.

KPIs are established and more thorough SEO audits are completed, Infront Webworks' team implements a SEO strategy based on the assessments. Alongside that, the company identifies additional key performance indicators such as bounce rate, online sales, sessions durations, and visit-to-sign-up rate, that will monitor success and drive ROI.

In one instance, Infront Webworks helped a real-estate group with their overall online presence for local and organic search. The client only had a brand presence with several on-site issues as well as offsite issues that were holding the website back from its full potential. The real-estate group's request was to improve the focus on rental property management keywords and overall website visibility. By implementing a focused SEO strategy that included on-site and off-page optimization, Infront Webworks improved the client's organic traffic by 525.59 percent, helping them secure top fold page 1 placement for many variations of their main keywords regarding property management.

Such success stories stand as testimonials to the unique niche that Infront Webworks has carved in the SEO landscape through powerful SEO practices and a competent team.
Michael Hodgdon, COO, Michael Tortorice, Director SEO, Stephanie Hooper, Enterprise SEO Manager

From Humble Beginnings to SEO Leaders

With extensive experience in designing, building, and marketing more than 1000 websites, Infront has been in business since 1994, working with clients across multiple industries, including ecommerce, manufacturing, travel and tourism, sports, healthcare, government, and non-profit for local and national businesses. "Our team of web designers, developers, SEO Specialists and marketers work together with the client to create a powerful online presence and top spot in search results that will significantly contribute to the success of the client organization," says Hodgdon.

Infront Webwork's seeds were planted in October 1994 when a company called Data Made Accessible (DMA) was established. One of the company's first projects was a simple website that indexed agricultural research documents. In 1999 Timberline Webworks was born, which eventually renamed to Infront Webworks in 2000. Despite the adverse economic effects post-9/11, Infront Webworks thrived and began to hone its expertise in website architecture, web design, online marketing strategy, web development, SEO, digital marketing & cloud services.

In April of 2012, Infront's reins were handed over to its new CEO and owner, Matthew Palis, an Internet veteran with more than 20 years of experience in owning and operating web development, and cloud services companies.

Taking the SEO Beacon Forward

Since its inception, Infront Webworks' greatest asset has been its talented SEO team. "Our biggest investment for achieving the best results is talent," asserts Hodgdon. The company hires the some of the most skilled SEO experts in the country and brings them together under one roof to provide a collaborative environment where they can learn from a peer approach. The result is a product that reflects the efforts of highly-skilled professionals who take great pride in their web work.

As a testimony to its groundbreaking works, Infront Webworks has earned several recognitions and awards. Recently, the team won the "Best Local Campaign" award in the 2018 US Search Awards sponsored by SEMrush. "We take pride in delivering amazing ROI from SEO, for all our clients. But watching a local small business benefitting from the work we do is something special. It allows us to see firsthand the positive impact of the growth for that small businesses. Winning this recognition for an SEO client that we worked with, right in our hometown was truly amazing," says Hodgdon. In another remarkable achievement, Infront Webworks was chosen by independent SEO Agency ranking service) as a top Global SEO Agency in 2017, 2018 and 2019.

With many such accomplishments under its belt, Infront Webworks continues to grow together with its clients by making web development, SEO & digital marketing more of a holistic process.
- Debra Morgan
    November 20, 2019
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Matthew Palis, Owner & CEO and Michael Hodgdon, COO, Michael Tortorice, Director SEO, Stephanie Hooper, Enterprise SEO Manager

A trusted Google partner and award-winning SEO company, Infront Webworks leverages its 20 years of industry experience to help clients pioneer new ways to attract online customers and drive web traffic. The company's primary service offerings include website development, and SEO, and also other areas of search engine marketing such as Google Ads, PPC, as well as advertisement management. The company's goal is simple, "make sure that customers find the websites quickly," but their approach toward achieving this goal is brilliant and effective