Vivial: Giving Local Businesses a Big Online Presence

Jim Continenza, Chairman & CEO, VivialJim Continenza, Chairman & CEO Vivial understands the challenges business owners face in today’s marketplace. It is a complicated task for business owners to learn, let alone stay ahead of the vast array of digital marketing technologies in the marketplace. Finding, reaching, and building loyalty with customers can be confusing and complicated. This is where Vivial can help. Vivial provides an easy-to-use digital marketing platform that helps businesses connect with customers, build loyalty, manage content and track results.

Today, ad tech revolves around content marketing, social media, texting, search engine optimization, location-based services and data analytics. But with the growth in the ad tech industry, and the proliferation of companies offering one-off solutions, the end result can often be confusing. Imagine having to manage one company for social media, another company for SEO and still a different provider for analytics. One of the things that sets Vivial apart from its competition is that it brings together all of these critical marketing functions under one umbrella. A business owner will have one solution for their needs with a seamless infrastructure and a single point of contact.

“We know how complicated this landscape can be for a business owner to navigate. So, we have developed a SaaS-based platform to make it easy to manage all aspects of digital marketing in one simple dashboard,” explains Jim Continenza, Chairman and CEO, Vivial. “Our platform integrates social media management tools, Google rankings, content marketing, and email into a simple dashboard to help SMBs reach their customers quickly and easily, while increasing return on investment with actionable customer insights.”

In fact, the company recently launched a new website,, which provides a complete overview of Vivial’s services allowing visitors to enter the site based on their level of digital marketing knowledge. Engaging customer success stories, marketing trend reports and whitepapers as well as education opportunities, such as webinars and meetups, are all included on the new site.

A Complete Package to Help SMBs Maximize ROI

Digital marketing is not a one size fits all experience. Each business is unique and its marketing needs will vary across geographies and industries. Vivial matches its products and services to meet a business’s specific needs and budget. The SaaS-based Vivial Marketing Platform allows customers to review, manage and take action from an easy-to-use dashboard. This comprehensive solution offers directory optimization, email, social media and content marketing at a flat rate, all of which is supported by a dedicated Account Coordinator. Vivial’s customers believe that offering dedicated support is a true differentiator.

Vivial also offers a comprehensive SEO solution including directory optimization, onsite optimization, offsite content and link building. Vivial’s Ad Tech Consultants work with the business owner to design and implement a program tailored to the business’s needs while producing the best results possible. In fact, 85 percent of Vivial’s SEO customers achieve page one Google search ranking after 6 months. Its full end-to-end SEO solution includes a live dashboard, which reports on the ranking data and the details of the work that Vivial has completed.

Our platform integrates social media management tools, Google rankings, content marketing, and email into a simple dashboard to help SMBs reach their customers quickly and easily, while increasing their return on investment with actionable customer insights

Vivial’s programs are designed to not just drive clicks, but phone calls and emails direct to the business. “We conduct the research, build the campaign, continually monitor and optimize and provide an easy-to-use dashboard to review traffic and lead details. Said simply, we do the work, while the customer focuses on running their business,” explains Continenza.

Customer Service that Goes Above and Beyond

Determining the client’s needs begins with a thorough discovery with the client, which includes a Digital Health Check. This process assesses the business’s online health by identifying strengths and weaknesses as well as how they fair against their competition. From there, Vivial’s Ad Tech Consultant provides a solution that addresses areas of opportunity.

After the best program is scheduled for the business, and subsequent to its implementation, the dedicated Account Coordinator provides ongoing support and continues to monitor and adjust this strategy monthly. Each month the Account Coordinator speaks with the customer to review performance, identify opportunities and determine next steps.

This excellent customer service model is a direct result of the culture at Vivial. “Our employees are truly our best asset, and we work hard to build a positive culture in our multiple locations throughout the United States and worldwide,” explains Continenza.

Real Results for Customers

Vivial has made an undeniable impact on SMBs with its unique platform. For example, they have helped many clients in the restaurant industry improve their rankings on search engines. As Google reports, searches “near me” have doubled since last year, and 70 percent of all smartphone searches result in an online action within an hour. Therefore, it is critical for restaurants to show up in searches, which is what Vivial does best.

One example is Eggs n’ Things, with multiple locations throughout Hawaii. This was a 40-year old business famous in the community for its great breakfast, food and prices, but potential customers couldn’t find it because it didn’t show up in searches.
Vivial worked with the owners of Eggs n’ Things to clean up their directory listings and help the business establish a strong Google ranking. Vivial has also helped Eggs n’ Things develop and distribute over 70 pieces of high quality, custom content across multiple online platforms, including, Facebook and Google+ to name a few. After just one month, Eggs n’ Things saw front page search listings for key search terms, which translated to more customers visiting the restaurant and increased sales.

Vivial’s expertise spans multiple industries. Working with clients across nearly 6,000 industries, Vivial is able to customize programs to meet the specific business needs. Another example is a family and divorce law firm, Brian D. Perskin & Associates P.C., located in Manhattan and surrounding areas. Vivial helped the firm improve its organic rankings, manage their social presence and optimize listings. They also increased their Google rankings, appearing in top 3 rankings for highly competitive headings such as “Murray Hill Divorce Lawyer.” The firm also lands on the front page of Google for queries such as “Manhattan Divorce Attorney” and “NY Divorce Lawyer.” Vivial was able to claim and optimize 156 of the most popular online directories for the firm, including Google, Yahoo, and Foursquare. All of these efforts resulted in more leads for the firm.

Moving Further into the Future

Vivial is committed to facilitating connections—connecting companies to customers, people to products. One specific area where Vivial is excited to evolve its service offerings is in website marketing. As the foundation of every good online marketing program, websites play a huge role in Google rankings. Nearly 50 percent of small businesses don’t even have a website, let alone mobile optimized. And with Google saying that more than half of searches are performed on mobile devices, not having a website, especially one that is mobile-friendly, can mean the difference between a customer finding a business or going to the competition. For SMBs, especially places like restaurants, retail stores, banks, gyms or other service providers, having a website with basic information like product details, location, hours of operation and contact information is essential as customers are increasingly looking for information on the go.

"85 percent of Vivial’s SEO customers achieve page one Google search ranking after 6 months"

Vivial helps business owners quickly and easily create and publish a website to share the information that is most vital to their business. Vivial’s integrated platform also provides one central place where businesses can manage their directory listings, social media and content development, all of which lead to better SEO for the company.

“We will always be looking for new ways to provide our customers with more benefits,” says Continenza. “It’s critical that we stay ahead of new digital marketing trends so that our customers can focus on running their businesses.”