Vivial: Helping SMBs with Integrated Digital Marketing Solutions that Achieve Results

$alt_name"Jim Continenza, Chairman & CEO
The best way to serve the needs of businesses is to understand them, the challenges they face, the customers they serve, goals they aspire to, and the trends that influence them. “For decades, Vivial has made it its business to understand the needs of small and medium-size businesses (SMBs), and translate that knowledge into solutions aimed at generating maximum return on investment,” says Jim Continenza, Chairman and CEO of Vivial.

For most SMBs, the traditional sales cycle is obsolete; the cause and effect relationship between a business and consumers is no longer valid. Gone are the days when a business published an ad in the newspaper, and a consumer made a purchase because of that one ad.

These days, consumers would see an ad in paper or online, then research about the product, look for a better deal on Google, read reviews on Yelp, or ask friends for recommendations on Facebook. And to be visible across each of the above, a business must be present on multiple digital platforms and dominate the local searches. And while trying to achieve the required multi-channel presence, managing the underlying processes in addition to running day-to-day operations becomes an overwhelming task.

More than 70 percent of small business owners are trying to do their own marketing, but nearly half say that they have no idea if their efforts are effective. That’s one of the biggest pain points for the businesses Vivial serves—a lack of the resources necessary to effectively market their businesses and a lack of measurement to determine if marketing efforts are achieving the intended goals. Whether those resources are time, knowledge, money or desire, many local businesses just don’t have what they need to manage an integrated marketing campaign. So what happens? Their business suffers. They don’t generate the leads they need, and they don’t get their business in front of potential consumers when, where and how they’re searching.

We have developed not only the tools and solutions business owners need to reach potential customers, but the talented service team needed to support the services we bring to clients

Another challenge with local businesses is that without an understanding of marketing trends and emerging technologies, they quickly fall behind the competition. Their focus is (and rightfully should be) on running their business. They lack the time and expertise needed to stay ahead of the rapidly evolving marketing technology (martech) landscape and implement the latest tools and techniques.

These challenges and realities hamstringing SMBs are why Vivial focuses on bringing together the best of martech solutions into one seamless experience for businesses. “We are in the connections business—connecting companies to customers, people to products,” says Continenza. “And in our experience, we have developed not only the tools and solutions business owners need to reach potential customers, but the talented service team needed to support the services we bring to clients. We’ve conscientiously bundled services and capabilities in a way that’s intuitive, comprehensive, and effective. And we’ve done it in a way that is financially manageable and scalable, making our solutions are affordable for any business.”

For example, Vivial's comprehensive Marketing Platform includes everything from content marketing and search engine optimization (SEO), to email marketing and social media management. The Marketing Platform includes the support of an account manager who works with the business to find the right mix of digital marketing services designed to deliver maximum results.

“That’s how we foresee staying ahead of the competition—through continuing development and optimization of fully integrated, scalable digital marketing solutions.” Vivial started out decades ago as a primarily print-centric marketing company. “By recognizing the changes to the marketing landscape that have happened with the digital transformation, we’ve remained relevant and useful to our clients and acquired many more. Looking to the future, we want to continue to stay at the forefront of martech trends and advancements,” Continenza concludes.